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Seniors Class Descriptions

ALIGN: Strengthens, stretches and relaxes you with this innovative mind body class. Target your core and increase your range of movement and flexibility while focussing on what matters, you!!

EMPOWER: EMPOWER focuses on four major components of health and fitness; muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular fitness and mobility. These single station circuit based classes will challenge you with a combination of aerobic, resistance and flexibility exercises aimed at building strength, fitness and keeping you Active for life!

ENERGISE: This gentle, low impact cardio class is full of easy to follow moves and is designed to boost your fitness levels while you while you choose just how hard you can work.

ENERGY: This program is designed to strengthen your body using water resistance and aquatic specialised equipment while increasing your fitness with effective cardio exercises leaving you feeling revitalized

LOW IMPACT: Classes are land based and may incorporate seated, standing, strength, circuit and flexibility exercises and may include floor work. These classes will help improve muscular strength, cardio-vascular endurance, balance, bone health, functional training and activities of daily living.

REVIVE: Improves mobility, muscle tone, strength and core activation with resistance bands and body weight exercises. Finishing with top-to-toe and stretching.

XT: Spices up your routine by incorporating several elements of fitness into one class. This cross training water session focusses on strength, cardio fitness and core work for an exciting total body workout.