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Group Training

Group training involves a group of people, typically 6-12 training in a personalised and friendly environment under the expertise of a Success Trainer.

Small numbers ensure you will be training in an awesome atmosphere, where you can interact with other clients, and in turn create a social hub. Group training provides you with a high level of service each session, ensuring the workouts are effective, challenging, fun and tailored to the groups needs.

Session formats will vary with each session. Your Trainer will use a variety of techniques to ensure you are getting fun, effective workouts with a focus towards achieving results. Sessions are 60 min in duration, which includes a warm-up, main workout and a cool-down at the end.

How does group training benefit our clients?

Group Training provides our clients with a cost-effective way to get the best out of their training, with the continued support from a Trainer. You access structured sessions tailored to your needs, where motivating and technical coaching are provided to enforce correct lifting techniques and loading.

The social interaction encouraged amongst the group will provide a friendly, relaxed and fun environment in which to train in. Group Training will help to break down some of the intimidating barriers, ensuring everyone enjoys themselves. Constant contact with a trainer ensures you have the support network to help you achieve their results.