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Swim School Information

Active Our office operates from 9:15am - 6:15pm weekdays and 9:00am - 12:30pm weekends.

School Holidays weekdays 9:00am - 5:00pm

We run lessons for a 10 week term during A.C.T School terms and an Intensive Swim Program during the January School Holiday period.

Here are our current Terms and Conditions - T and C's or for more information contact us direct on 6142 2944.

Swim Levels

Standard Classes

WEEK DAY LESSON TIMES9:30am to 12:30pm and 3:30pm to 6:30pm  
WEEKEND LESSON TIMES 9:00am to 12:30pm  
WATER BABIES - 4mths to 15mths~Water Familiarisation ~Water Confidence ~Splashing ~Body Position ~Eyes in and Bubbles ~Mobility. 
AQUATOTS - 15mths to 3yrs~Independence ~Cues ~Torpedoes ~Back Floats ~Separation ~Paddling and Bubbles 
SEAHORSE - 3yrs to 4yrs~Confidence ~Independence ~Drills developing torpedoes ~Back floats and Bubbles ~Introduction to arm circles ~Basic safety rules 
JELLYFISH - 4yrs to 5yrs~Introduction to arm circles ~ Learn to swim Freestyle and Backstroke up to 3m+ ~Independence ~Developing torpedoes, backfloats and bubbles ~Basic safety 
TURTLE - 3yrs to 5yrs~Learn to swim Freestyle and Backstroke up to 5m+ ~Develop kicking strength and leg position ~Introduction to diving ~Safe entries ~Treading water and safety ~Confidence and Independence in deep water ~Stroke development to swim at Otter level 
CRAYFISH~Beginner school age level ~Confidence ~Drills developing torpedoes ~Floats and glides ~Introduction to arm circles leading into freestyle and backstroke up to 5m+ ~Safety rules, reach rescue and throw rescue.  
OTTER~Learn Freestyle and Backstroke up to 10m+ ~Developing kicking strength and leg position ~Introduction to deep water ~Introduction to diving ~Safe entries, treading water and safety rules 
PENGUIN~Learn Freestyle and Backstroke up to 15m+ ~Kicking strength ~Head position when breathing ~Streamlining ~Diving ~Safety - talk/reach/throw 
SWORDFISH~Achieve Freestyle and Backstroke up to 25m+ ~Focus on bilateral breathing technique ~Introduction to Breaststroke kick ~Diving ~Recap of water safety 
STINGRAY~Achieve Freestyle and Backstroke up to 50m+ ~Bilateral breathing ~Developing correct Breaststroke arms and timing ~Introduction to Butterfly ~Introduction to Racing dives ~Introduction to Turns 
MARLIN~Achieve Freestyle, Backstroke and Breaststroke up to 100m+ ~Butterfly up to 50m+ ~Racing dives and turns ~ Advanced safety skills: rules, rescues and treading water 
YOUNG ADULT~Designed for young teenage swimmers who have not had lessons before ~Confidence ~Introduction to arm circles leading into Freestyle and Backstroke ~Individual achievement based training to achieve Stingray level 

Specialised Classes

SQUADOur Orca level is a non-competitive environment. Each session is part of an integrated weekly program designed to improve both your technique and fitness. The only person to beat is yourself! 
PRIVATE LESSONSPrivate lessons cater to the individual needs of the student from Primary school age to Adults. Instructors work one on one with the student to quickly develop correct stroke technique. CURRENTLY BOOKED OUT 


Prices for swim lessons are available by calling the Swim School office on 6142 2944