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Personal Training

"In the six months I have been having regular training with my Trainer, I have already noticed a considerable change for the better in my physique, fitness level and general well being. My friends have also commented on how fit and healthy I am looking." - Debbie

"Not only is my Trainer very knowledgeable about exercise science and biomechanics and able to manage my limitations in a processional way, she has a lovely sense of humor and is very encouraging." - Janice

"I have learnt so much about myself since deciding to engage a Personal Trainer once a week. He has taught me so much about self-belief and goal setting, and I've been able to transfer these skills over to other areas of my life." - Lindy

Group Training

"Group Training is very powerful as the support and motivation from each other is very strong. Our Trainers encouragement goes a long way to bringing me back twice a week. I have more strength and more energy than I have ever had in my life. At this rate, I'll live to 100." - Sue

"Group Training has changed my whole outlook in weight loss and exercise. The focus has come off the scales and on to improving your performance. Our trainer has showed me that fitness is about how you feel, and after about 15 weeks I feel wonderful. I could not recommend this enough." - Margaret

"Group Training has been the most enjoyable fitness program I have done in a long time. I really enjoy the motivation of a small group and find I can push myself more than if I were on my own. I have found I am more toned and stronger. Its great fun, I highly recommend Group Training." - Jacqueline


"My children, Harrison (8) and Emily (5) have both been attending the Active Swim School continuously since the age of 6 months.

Harrison was extremely scared of the water and not very keen to being swimming lessons and this lasted for several terms. Active Swim School instructors have shown continual support with Harrison over the years and he is now a very advanced swimmer and still enjoys his lessons.

Emily has always been the brave one and willing to learn straight away. Her abilities have progresses very well. Not one for always following instructions easily, Emily's instructors have taught her the importance of water safety and technique.

My investment with Active Swim School has paid off extremely well as my children are confident in the water, love to swim and are looking forward to the next terms' swimming lessons." - D&N D

"I would like to say how much I am enjoying the adult swimming programme at Active Leisure Centre. I have never been very much of a swimmer and being 59 I was initially very nervous and self-conscious. The teachers have been very patient and helpful and have given me the confidence to continue. I can't believe how much my freestyle has improved! Big thank you. I am really looking forward to continuing with the lessons." - FA


"Ride it like you Stole it" - I don't know about you, but I've never stolen a bike in my whole life (in fact, I don't think I've ever stolen anything!). However, this is the slogan for RPM classes, and if you haven't experienced one yet, then get cracking my friend, and book yourself in!

It doesn't matter who instructs an RPM class, the same format will always be used (warm-up, pace track, hill climb, followed by cool down/ stretching).

Stepping in to Active Leisure Centre's cycle studio, the first thing that struck me as odd was the fact that the room was very dark. Because I'm not backward in coming forward, I asked the instructor why there was little light. She mentioned something about how 'it adds to ambience'. At first I thought 'yeah, OK, whatever', but half way through the class, I kind of understood what she meant. You need as must distraction as possible to take your mind off the pain - especially the burning discomfort/feeling in your legs. On the other hand, the focus required to get through the gruelling 45 minute workout is massive. My most favourite track is the speed track (especially when the track 'Insomnia' by Faithless is used). You get the chance to move from side to side in the saddle, simulating going around corners at top speed.

The bikes look fairly ordinary (i.e. like standard stationary bikes). However, there is one special feature which sets them apart from the rest, and it is the magical resistance dial. This small, yet powerful addition is the difference between a great workout and an awesome workout. The more resistance you add, the harder the workout, therefore faster and more effective results. Don't expect to get fitter, leaner or stronger by leaving the dial on the same setting class after class, week after week.

Each instructor will lead you through an exhilarating motivating workout. In addition to the 'ride it like you stole it' slogan, the other one I've seen recently is 'together we are one tribe - one pack. Everyone starts and finishes together'. This is so true - your instructor will ensure nobody gets left behind - they'll even encourage you to be the first one to the top of the mountain, and if that doesn't motivate you, I don't know what will!.

In closing, I will say this - RPM classes are addictive - don't say you haven't been warned! - Lindy S.